Solid cream No. 1

With INTEGRAL PROPOLIS and RAW ROYAL JELLY, in the form of eggs.

Whole propolis, ghee (whole milk fat), raw royal jelly, lactose, cocoa butter.


Two products are available in this category: SOLID CREAM No. 1 and SOLID CREAM No. 2.

SOLID CREAM No. 1 contains whole Propolis and addresses mainly to an infectious background, and SOLID CREAM No. 2, which does not contain whole Propolis, is mainly addressed in vaginal atrophy or during menopause.



Use: intravaginal / rectal. Apply in the evening before bed, one egg every 2-3 days depending on the condition, except during menstruation.

Properties: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, regenerating.

Indicated in: annexitis, injured cervix and vagina, vaginal atrophy, cystitis, inflammation, candidiasis, cysts, infertility, HPV, anal fissures, hemorrhoids swollen. No contraindications to breastfeeding and confinement.

Warning: Not suitable in case of hypersensitivity to bee products or any other ingredient in its composition. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. The task should be undertaken on medical advice.

Storage conditions: store in the original jar, well closed, away from light and heat, at a temperature below 25 ºC. In summer it can keep in the refrigerator.

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