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About Us


Is the year when Murerescu Antoniu, one of the grandfathers of Bădina family, where the founders of this project came from, hired as a railway technician. With the money earned from the very first salary, buy 5 bee families. Well, since then, for over 65 years, the bees have never left us, making us believe that they have chosen us and not viceversa. We believe it is, first of all, a mutual respect and well after, the honey.


Terra Apis

From the passion for traditional beekeeping to the initiation of what we call APIARIUM today, it was only a small step. At one point, of course, the question about the name of the product range appeared. We wanted to introduce the notion of Therapy, Bees, to refer to our Bee History and to discover an elegant term to define them all in symbiosis. TERRA APIS was close enough to be a perfect homophone and, moreover, broadly translated from Latin, the term “bee realm” says who we are.



The manufacturing process is in itself an amazingly important step in defining the product quality at APIARIUM. We do not use anything that technology has taught us that we could extend the life of the product on the shelf, because we will not do anything but to spoil the products in terms of bioavailability and active principles. As such, we do not pasteurize, freeze-dried, heat treated, hiperfiltering, use preservatives, acidifiers, colors and all kinds of regulators etc. Our goal is to preserve the raw material in her pure raw-natural state, without interfering with technology that could change his structure. Although the TERRA APIS, our goal was not to define “gourmet” products but, in the end, surely you will lick your fingers.



We were talking earlier about the attention in the manufacturing process. But no matter how developed technical (in our case is viceversa) and conceptually is a process, if you start from a raw material which was harvested from GMO crops, over-chemicalized, certainly you can not talk about a quality product. It is imperative that the place where the bees are flying to be a clean one. And we’re talking about wild flora. Only then, and only then, it would be great not to replace the honey with sugar syrup, not to stimulate the bee families with all sorts of substances, to withhold treatment with antibiotics or chemicals and, of course, be careful where you keep extracted honey before it been used in products, to not undergo a qualitative impairment. Hive products themselves have an intrinsic value incotestabilă and we do not have to “pack up” them in marketing strategies. We just have to take care of them and do everything possible to keep them in their natural state.



Due to the broad range of pharmacological effects, TERRA APIS products have an important role in prevention, complementary therapy or another type of treatment.

Have a mechanism of action that can be considered specific in relation to other natural therapeutic processes because:

Their pharmacological action addresses to the body as a whole system.

Provide or supplement mechanisms that take place naturally in the body.

It presents long-lasting effects, the active ingredients they contain products having the character of nutrients, energy, beneficial to any body.

Through active factors which they confers ensures an important natural preventative effect.


Health status is an essential element for the human body, an element of balance between man and nature. At one point in the body, imbalances occur because the phylogenetic existing mechanisms in the body stops working at optimal parameters and affect its homeostasis.

These imbalances can be caused by many factors such as irrational diet, lack of rest, stress, long-term administration of synthetic drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. Long term, these factors decrease the body’s resistance and predispose to the disease.

Over time, the man was concerned initially intuitively and then consciously to recover, if necessary, health. Means at hand were offered at the beginning by nature. Recently by emerging opportunities in scientific research. The two paths have been used in parallel, lately, science having a predominant role. Not necessarily to our advantage, of humanity.



If man would directs more attention to authentic primary bioresources in the state in which they are provided by nature, he could limit the negative effects due to the use in food and not only of the semi- or total synthesis products.

Therefore there is need for more intensive study, but mostly use natural food supplements, is due to the beneficial effect of these products on health.

One way of obtaining and maintaining health, provided by nature, is therapy using bee products, namely APITHERAPY which lately has been aided decisively by rigorous scientific research. Because of this, medical outcomes of apitherapy have diversified and intensified so that today offers considerable advantages compared to conventional methods.



We understood long time ago that nature has endowed humans with a complex and complete baggage which ensure an perfect working order. This state is conditioned by external feeding with the power resources that it is able to assimilate and use them according to his specific needs. If we feed our body with a “fuel” of poor quality, we can not claim it to operate normally over a long period of time. Our concern was precisely to develop products with therapeutic valences of undeniable value in terms of quality. This belief has placed us today after more than 10 years in apiphytotherapy at another level in the comprehension of the body, which led to positive clinical outcomes even in situations where conventional therapy had no solutions.