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How to Buy

#1. Add the products to your shopping cart

Once you’ve found a product you want to purchase, click the “ADD TO BASKET” button (on the product presentation page) or the “+” button at the bottom right of each product’s box (in the which products are displayed as a list).


#2. View Cart (optional)

At the top right of the site you will find a black strip with the icon of a bag under which the number of products in the SHOPPING CART will be permanently displayed. Press this strip, and from the module that will open, press the “VIEW CART” button. On this page you can view the products added by you with the related unit prices, you can change the number of pieces you want to buy or on the contrary you can give up certain products. If you have made changes, please press the “UPDATE CART” button to update and view the correct payment amount and press the “CHECKOUT” button.

To add other products, click the “SHOP” button. The already selected products will remain in the cart.

# 3. Complete the order

Fill in the requested data, write us any details related to your order, choose the method for calculating the delivery, the method of payment, confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions and launch the order by clicking the “PLACE ORDER” button.

If for one reason or another you want the delivery to be made to an address other than the billing address, please check “DELIVER TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” box and then fill in the details in the module that will open.

If you want to come and pick up the products in person, we will be able to wait for you with the package ready. All you have to do is tell us what you want.


Find out details about Shipping and Delivery.

Find out details about Return and Refund.