We chose the ceramic jars to the detriment of the glass ones because they are much more inert. The glass “pours” at 7-800 °C and the pottery “bakes” at 1 200-1 400 °C. So, from this point of view, we have a much stronger packaging stability in ceramics than in glass.

Choosing this packaging option, we reduced, even at the molecular level, that elements of the packaging constitution who can migrate into the product constitution. This was one of our main goals. To protect the product from the harmful effects that improper packaging can generate.

Secondarily, but not without interest, the ceramic protects the product from the sun’s rays, thus protecting it from premature deterioration, generated both by the accelerated evaporation of the essential oils and by the enzymatic oxidation. This was our second goal.

And because we not only say that we care about sustainability, we assure you that we live and breathe it through everything we do, including waste management.

So we asked ourselves questions about the final destination of the packages. And, please, please, as the first option, as regards ceramic jars, when they become empty, be it to reuse them. A vase of flowers, a pencil holder, a new way of keeping your spices, are just a few of the variants we suggest.

If you decide to throw them, however, to know that it is compulsory (cf. Law 211/2011, republished and of Law 249/2015) that they should be collected as follows:

from the population, through the systems of selective collection, by types of materials of the recyclable waste from the municipal waste, by the operators provided in the Law of the sanitation service of the localities no. 101/2006, republished or the systems for separate collection of packaging waste established by the economic operators holding environmental authorization for this activity;

from the economic agents, holders of packaging waste code 15.01, provided in annex no. 2 to the Government Decision no. 856/2002 regarding the records of the waste management and for the approval of the list containing the waste, including the hazardous waste, with the subsequent completions, resulting from their commercial activity, have the obligation to valorize / entrust the packaging waste selectively collected to an economic operator authorized by the competent authority for environmental protection for the recovery of packaging waste.

Before discarding, contact your local distributor or APIARIUM SRL representative for information on selective collection.